Australia’s national aboriginal employment website

On August 31, 2009, the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce launched Australia’s first national Aboriginal employment website.The chamber’s chairman, Warren Mundine, said that the site provided a platform for government, businesses and Aboriginal job seekers to work together to minimise Aboriginal unemployment. This effort highlights the attempts to ‘close the gap’ through neoliberal policies which see that by including indigenous people in the economy their welfare would improve. Neoliberal logics rely on a language of economic insecurity as justification for comprehensive reforms to increase competitiveness, efficiency and responsibility (Strakosch 2011), However as Green an Patel have disussed, relatedness is care value of indigenous culture with a strong preference for cooperation over competition, raising further doubt over the benefits of ‘economic engagement’ for ‘closing the gap’ in indigenous wellbeing through employment.

The website is available at


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